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West Virginia University

School of Pharmacy, Room 1136 HSN, Morgantown, WV 26506

School of Pharmacy

The Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy at West Virginia University (WVU) is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. The school was founded in 1914 and has long been considered one of the top pharmacy schools in all of the country. The school is ranked among the top thirty pharmacy schools in the United States today and has a high quality reputation with great staff, facilities and faculty. The school takes a hands-on approach to education so that students can learn the important role pharmacists play in the community today as far as the overall patient health and wellness and the prevention of disease.

WVU School of Pharmacy offers Master of Science degrees in Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences and in Health Outcomes, which has an emphasis on research. Both degrees can lead to a PhD. in Philosophy in those areas. They also provide a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, which can also be part of a dual Pharm.D./MBA degree. Tuition for the Pharm.D. program is $14,268.00 for an in-state resident and $33,320.00 for an out-of-state resident. Programs and courses fall into three departments at the school: the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmaceutical Systems and Policy so that students can get a well-rounded education in the field. There are also a large number of experiential education classes so students get practical, real world experience in dealing with patients and providers in pharmacy settings.

Website: http://pharmacy.hsc.wvu.edu/Pages/

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