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Washington DC Pharmacy Schools

There is 1 accredited pharmacy school located in Washington DC.

Howard University College of Pharmacy - Washington, Washington DC

Howard University Health Sciences or HUHS provides students courses in Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences. Ever since its inception, the HUHS has conferred Doctoral and other professional degrees to more than 25,000 healthcare professionals and scientists among which most of them...

Pharmacy Schools in DC

The pharmacist job outlook and interest has increased in recent years and is expected to grow in future. The salary paid to pharmacist depends on the job title of the individual.

In Washington DC a Hospital Pharmacy Technician can earn up to $36,000 annually and at the same time Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor can earn somewhere around $196,000. However, the salary ranges between these two extremes for various pharmacist posts in Washington DC.

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