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Nevada Pharmacy Schools

There is 1 accredited pharmacy school located in Nevada.

Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy - Henderson, Nevada

Located in Henderson, the Roseman University of Health Sciences is the only school of pharmacy in Nevada. Believe it or not, there are no public schools in this state, since this one is privately owned. Furthermore, it has three large campuses in Henderson and...

Pharmacy Schools in NV

The Roseman University of Health Sciences is the only accredited school of pharmacy in Nevada. In fact, this is one of the few American states that only have one pharmacy institution. This is the main reason, therefore the school overcrowds at the beginning of each year.

Surprisingly enough, there are no public institutions for pharmacy courses in Nevada. The Roseman University of Health Sciences is privately owned.

Its name is given by the two founders. Other than that, this is the one and only pharmacy school in the United States of America that relies on one course at a time. Basically, students are not engaged into multiple courses at the same time. Instead, they take one subject after another, so they can properly focus on it.

There are several consequences of the fact that Nevada is not such a great source of pharmacy schools. The average salary is way under the average national salary. Pharmacists get around $85,000 on a yearly basis. The actual position plays a very important role in the salary too. An oncology pharmacist can make $91,000, while a retail pharmacist earns around $107,000. The employer is just as important, since some institutions pay less than others.

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