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Montana Pharmacy Schools

There is 1 accredited pharmacy school located in Montana.

The University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy - Missoula, Montana

Located in the beautiful lands of Missoula, the University of Montana is one of the largest ones in the country. It has its own ZIP code, police stations, banks, restaurants, clinics and many other facilities. It is a public university and supports around 15,000...

Pharmacy Schools in MT

Unlike many other states, Montana can only brag with one pharmacy school on site – the University of Montana. It is accredited and draws the attention of numerous aspirants, including students coming from other states as well.

The University of Montana is a public state institution. According to some magazines, this is one of the top ten colleges that can successfully combine quality education and outdoor recreational activities.

It is the seventeenth largest university in the United States of America and represents a city within a city because it has everything on site, from restaurants and banks to hospitals and ZIP codes.

The average salary for a pharmacist in Montana is $97,000. It is close to the average medium salary in the country. The position and employer obviously play a very important role in the process. An acute pharmacist in Montana can easily earn more than $227,000. But on the other hand, pediatric pharmacists barely reach to $113,000. The discrepancies are obvious. All in all, the good news is that the average salary has adopted an ascending path. It experienced a severe breakdown at the beginning of 2014, but it is slowly recovering these days. One year ago, it was about 25% higher.

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