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Missouri Pharmacy Schools

There are 2 accredited pharmacy schools located in Missouri.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy College of Pharmacy - St. Louis, Missouri

Located in St. Louis, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy is responsible for most pharmacists in the area. Three out of four pharmacists have graduated from this school. It handles about 1,200 students and it is privately owned. The college has been established in...

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy - Kansas City, Missouri

Located in Kansas City and supporting a wide urban campus of 157 acres, the University of Missouri-Kansas City is the one and only public research pharmacy school in Missouri. It supports more than 16,000 students every year. The university was first a pharmacy department....

Pharmacy Schools in MO

Missouri is one of the main attractions for students interested to improve their education and actually start a career in pharmacy.

It has two major schooling institutions – the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

They are both accredited and recognized all across the world. In fact, they actually have a decent percentage of international students too.

The University of Missouri–Kansas City is younger than its competition and represents the one and only public pharmacy school in the state. It handles around 16,000 students. On the other hand, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy is privately owned. It is older and supports about 1,260 students. Most pharmacists in the area graduate from this university though.

The average salary for a pharmacist is not too high when compared to the average medium. A good pharmacist will normally make about $106,000 every year. A transplant pharmacist can earn around $186,000, while mail order pharmacists can go up to $248,000. The company you work for is obviously a determinant factor in the process, as well as the position. Pharmacy is extremely diversified. For instance, the lower category of this spectrum can barely reach to $80,000 a year and includes Esep MP and Esep MP OC pharmacists.

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