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The University of Mississippi

School of Pharmacy, Thad Cochran Research Center, University, MS 38677

School of Pharmacy

Located in a pleasant and friendly area of Oxford, the pharmacy school of the University of Mississippi is the one and only source of superior education in pharmacy around Mississippi. It also has two campuses.

The pharmacy school was first established as a department in 1908. It came to life sixty years after the University of Mississippi was established. Today, it is accredited and functioning by the latest requirements. It is a multiple awarded as well.

Tuition fees are widely diversified and float between $300 and $1,600 per credit. Besides, on site accommodation will also add to the costs, not to mention about the selected program. Fortunately, the official website has a detailed estimator. It works like a calculator, so potential students can get an idea about what to expect.

The pharmacy school of the University of Mississippi is the first one in the state. More than a century since it was established, it still represents the one and only accredited pharmacy institution in the area, so it draws plenty of attention every year.

Students are free to choose between pre-professional, professional and graduate programs. Most commonly, the professional programs bring in the toughest competition, whether it comes to the Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences or the doctorate in pharmacy.

Website: http://www.pharmacy.olemiss.edu/

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