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Western New England University

College of Pharmacy, 1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119

College of Pharmacy

The Western New England University is one of the four pharmacy schools established in Massachusetts. It is located in Springfield and also hosts a 215 acre wide campus. While the university is private, also carries a nonprofit status.

The university was established in 1919 and has been through a series of name changes. Last time, the name was changed in 2011, when “university” was added to the school name, exactly 60 years after separating from a different university.

The suburban campus is very user friendly, while the institution handles more than 6,000 students every year. The basic annual fees range around $33,000 for students who can find off site accommodation or actually live in Springfield. On the other hand, those who need a room in the campus will have to pay $12,688 more. Additional fees will apply for student activities and comprehensive services too.

The university is a member of various colleges and initiatives. It has numerous partners and represents one of the top schooling institutions in Massachusetts.

Aspirants enroll the Western New England University for the doctorate of pharmacy degree. It is a professional degree that can ensure very stable careers. Of course, certificates and various programs with no degrees are also provided.

Website: http://www.wne.edu/pharmacy

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