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Massachusetts Pharmacy Schools

There are 4 accredited pharmacy schools located in Massachusetts.

MCPHS University School of Pharmacy - Boston, Massachusetts

Located in Boston, the MCPHS University (Boston) is one of the oldest schools in the United States of America. It is privately owned, but also carries a nonprofit status. It prepares around 6,500 students every year. It is also close to a series of...

MCPHS University (Worcester) School of Pharmacy - Worcester, Massachusetts

Spreading over a huge area in downtown Worcester, the MCPHS University consists of three main buildings that can accommodate around 130 students. Just like the branch from Boston, the Worcester school is privately owned and nonprofit. The university was established in 1823. In 2009,...

Northeastern University Bouve College - School of Pharmacy - Boston, Massachusetts

The Northeastern University is one of the few pharmacy schools in Boston. It is located on Huntington Avenue and is one of the schools with the most prolific growth over the past few decades. Situated downtown, the school is in the immediate vicinity of...

Western New England University College of Pharmacy - Springfield, Massachusetts

The Western New England University is one of the four pharmacy schools established in Massachusetts. It is located in Springfield and also hosts a 215 acre wide campus. While the university is private, also carries a nonprofit status. The university was established in 1919...

Pharmacy Schools in MA

Massachusetts is one of the ideal destinations for pharmacists. First of all, it has not less than four different pharmacy schools. Each of them is accredited and ready to welcome new students every year. However, two of these schools belong to the same institution – the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, also known as MCPHS University.

The interesting part is that all these pharmacy schools are private. Two of them (the MCPHS University and the Western New England University) are nonprofit too.  The Mass School of Pharmacy, which is how the MCPHS is usually referred by staff and students is among the most popular for students wishing to study in MA.  An ideal combination of affordable tuition fees coupled with a faculty that scores highly in  quality of teaching staff and student experience.

As for the Northeastern University, it has the smallest number of students – slightly more than 750. The Western New England University is the only one with a suburban campus. The other two institutions have urban locations.

The average salary for pharmacists in Massachusetts is usually the main reason wherefore thousands of students enroll on a yearly basis. An average pharmacist makes $130,000 a year. An acute pharmacist can make $304,000 on a yearly basis, as well as a mail order pharmacist. On the other hand, Esep MP OC pharmacists barely earn $94,000 every year. Believe it or not, this is the average salary for many other states. From this point of view, pharmacists in Massachusetts earn around 50% more than pharmacists in many other states.

For this reason we recommend Boston as a great state to study and begin your career as a Pharmacist.

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