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Xavier University of Louisiana

College of Pharmacy, 1 Drexel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125

College of Pharmacy

Located in New Orleans, the Xavier University of Louisiana is one of the most attractive buildings in the recently ravaged metropolis. The building is one of a kind. It is large, renovated and has a subtle sign on the front garden that reads its name. The university opened in 1925. While private institutions are not normally too reputable in the United States of America, this one represents one of the few exceptions. Its reputation is also given by the fact that it represents a historically black Roman Catholic institution for advanced education.

The tuition costs vary according to the accommodation. Students who opt for on site accommodation in the internal campus will obviously have to pay more. The difference stays in the actual rooms they rent. Other than that, the costs are relatively alike. The room costs $8,400, while the actual tuition costs $28,800. Several other fees may also apply for transportation, books and supplies.

Since the university also runs a hurricane relief fund, its reputation is very high. It practically helps the local communities recover and get back on their feet.

As for the programs, they are not very diversified, yet students may opt between clinical and administrative sciences and basic pharmaceutical sciences.

Website: http://www.xula.edu/cop/

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