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Sullivan University

College of Pharmacy, 2100 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY 40205

College of Pharmacy

Established in Louisville, Kentucky, the Sullivan University is located in a very convenient part of the city. It spreads over almost six acres and can be easily reached by car, bus, train or walking.

Established in 1962, the university has quickly managed to become one of the primary options for aspirants in Kentucky. Practically, it is one of the several pharmacy schools in the state. While some students choose to go to other states, the local classes are full every year.

Unlike traditional programs, the pharmacy programsĀ atĀ the Sullivan University last three years only. The tuition cost is around $43,000, but it might change. There are a few additional costs too, whether it comes to the textbooks, enrollment or health services fees.

Fortunately for the applicants, the Sullivan University is world renowned. While its good reputation in Kentucky cannot be contested, its popularity has reached far beyond the borders too. The experienced professors, modernist tools and updated courses are just some of the main reasons for its popularity.

As for the actual programs, students have numerous possibilities at their disposal, including diplomas, certificates, undergraduate and graduate programs. Of course, the actual specializations and domains are a lot more diversified.

Website: http://www.sullivan.edu/pharmacy/

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