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Illinois Pharmacy Schools

There are 6 accredited pharmacy schools located in Illinois.

Chicago State University College of Pharmacy - Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago State University College of Pharmacy is located in Chicago, Illinois. The program is noted for its great diversity in order to teach students and provide them with a wide range of experiences so that each student develops and thrives in this environment...

Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy - Downers Grove, Illinois

Midwestern University is located in Downers Grove, Illinois. The school of Pharmacy is known as the Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) and it was founded in 1991. The school has been providing quality education to those interested in the field for well over twenty...

Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy - Schaumburg, Illinois

Roosevelt University is located in Schaumberg, IL. Founded in 2011, the College of Pharmacy at Roosevelt University makes a strong commitment to teaching students that a patient-centered approach to the world of pharmacy is critical and this method will produce the best pharmacists in...

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine College of Pharmacy - North Chicago, Illinois

Located in North Chicago Illinois, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science has been one of the leading medical and healthcare universities in the country for many years. The university itself was formed in 1912 and the College of Pharmacy is the most recent...

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy - Edwardsville, Illinois

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) is located in Edwardsville, Illinois. The SIUE School of Pharmacy  has been in existence since 2005 and offers one of the top programs in the country as far as pharmaceutical sciences go. They were awarded in 2011 with  a national...

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy - Chicago, Illinois

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy, located in Chicago, Illinois, is the oldest academic area of the University of Illinois itself. The school was established back in 1859 and has long been considered not just one of the top pharmacy programs...

Pharmacy Schools in IL

In the state of Illinois, potential students have quite a choice when it comes to finding a school or university in order to undertake pharmaceutical studies. There are six universities found in the state of Illinois that offer different programs for the person looking to become a certified pharmacy technician or pharmacist. The six schools that offer programs are Chicago State University, Midwestern University, Roosevelt University, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Of the six schools, the University of Illinois at Chicago stands out among the rest as having a strong reputation for a solid program and it is ranked among the top fifteen pharmaceutical schools in the country today. Having a degree from any of the six schools can go a long way in assisting students to find a quality position within the state of Illinois as a pharmacist. The average salary for a pharmacist in Illinois in 2013 was $125,000 per year, one of the highest available in the nation at this time. Getting a degree from one of the accredited institutions in the field of pharmacy in Illinois can help a great deal in securing a good job in the pharmaceutical field.

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