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Georgia Pharmacy Schools

There are 4 accredited pharmacy schools located in Georgia.

Mercer University College of Pharmacy - Atlanta, Georgia

Mercer University is located in Macon, Georgia and is a private, co-educational institute. The Pharmacy College of Mercer University has been ranked 4th among all the private institutions in the country as per U.S News & World Report. The college itself was founded in...

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy - Georgia - Suwanee, Georgia

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine was founded in 1899 and offers graduate program in several fields like medicine, psychology, osteopathic medicine and pharmacy to name a few of them. Looking at the rising demand of pharmacist in the country, the Georgia campus of the...

South University School of Pharmacy - Savannah, Georgia

South University was founded in 1899 and has campus locations in different states of the country. The Savannah School of Pharmacy is located in Savannah, Georgia and was founded in 2003. They offer students degrees in Pharm.D as well as joint degree program for...

University of Georgia College of Pharmacy - Athens, Georgia

The University Of Georgia – College Of Pharmacy was founded in 1903 in Athens, Georgia. For the students who have successfully completed their 6 years course in Pharmacy, the University of Georgia awards a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Students can request financial aids in...

Pharmacy Schools in GA

There are four pharmacy schools located in the state of Georgia for people who want to become pharmacists or certified pharmacy technicians. Among the accredited colleges are Mercer University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, South University and The University of Georgia.

Mercer University and University of Georgia both offer programs for Doctor of Pharmacy. However, University of Georgia provides advanced pharmacists programs like PhD in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics.

To become a pharmacist, a student needs to complete a 6 year program in which 2 years are dedicated to pre-pharmacy education. After that, 4 years of professional studies are required, but in the end students can expect a good salaried job.

The salary that a pharmacist gets depends on their job title or position. In Georgia, the minimum salary given to a Hospital Pharmacy Technician is $34,000 annually whereas a Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor earns somewhere around $185,000 annually. The salaries for different pharmacy jobs lies between these two extremes in Georgia.

The data given above has been collected from an HR report for March 2014. Pharmacy study is definitely a good option for students looking to earn good salary.

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