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Colorado Pharmacy Schools

There are 2 accredited pharmacy schools located in Colorado.

Regis University School of Pharmacy - Denver, Colorado

A career in pharmacy is tremendously rewarding. Pharmacists help people get well and maintain their health through their expertise in monitoring drug therapy, knowledge of drug products, and providing drug information. Advising consumers, patients and health care professionals on drug composition, strength, purity and...

University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy - Aurora, Colorado

Skaggs School of Pharmacy, located in Aurora, Colorado, is part of University of Colorado and ranks 24th when compared to other pharmacy schools. It ranks 7th in US based on total NIH funding. Skaggs was established in 2002 and offers 5 programs: Doctor of...

Pharmacy Schools in CO

Pharmacy studies are offered at Regis University and University of Colorado in the state of Colorado. Colorado has two centers for pharmaceutical education: Rueckert-Hartman College and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Skaggs School of Pharmacy is ranked 24th and Rueckert-Hartman is also one of the top ranked pharmacy college in United States of America. Both programs explore the role of medicines in managing and treating diseases of all types.

Pharmacy is a high paying field and is very much in demand. Pharmacists can earn a good salary, but it varies from one city to another due to several factors, including competition in the market. In the state of Colorado the average annual salary for pharmacists is $120,560. However, 10% of them earn $108,341 while 35% earn $114,164 annually. A few of them earn in the salary bracket of $126,931 and $132,732 annually.

Pharmacy program offered by these colleges in Colorado is tremendously rewarding. The pharmacist job is in great demand and will continue to grow in future.

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