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U of A for Medical Sciences

College of Pharmacy, 4301 West Markham - #522, Little Rock, AR 72205

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy of the University of Arkansas was established at the beginning of the 1951-52 academic year in response to demand for well-prepared individuals in practical and theoretical pharmacy and interrelated subjects.

The academic responsibility of the College of Pharmacy is to nurture an environment of excellence with appropriate concern for the communication and acquisition of new knowledge through sound teaching methods and through research and study.

The student is made aware of the importance his attitudes, professional stature, and character which reflect those desirable attributes necessary to transmit the benefits of the student. The University of Arkansas has a plus green campus which is spread over a large area of 412 acres. It has so far produced a number of alumnus who have made it real big in the pharmacy world and continue to bring laurels to the university.

Its Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) course is very popular and is regarded as one of the best in the country and is undoubtedly the best in the state. The authorities of the university plan to expand the educational courses being offered by the university and are now trying to offer courses at multiple levels of education.

UAMS Campus Tour

Website: http://pharmcollege.uams.edu/home

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