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Arkansas Pharmacy Schools

There are 2 accredited pharmacy schools located in Arkansas.

Harding University College of Pharmacy - Searcy, Arkansas

The Board of Trustees of Harding University approved the creation of a College of Pharmacy at its campus in Searcy, Arkansas. This Harding University was founded in 1924 and has over 6,000 students in it currently. The university has got its name from one...

U of A for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy - Little Rock, Arkansas

The College of Pharmacy of the University of Arkansas was established at the beginning of the 1951-52 academic year in response to demand for well-prepared individuals in practical and theoretical pharmacy and interrelated subjects. The academic responsibility of the College of Pharmacy is to...

Pharmacy Schools in AR

There are two accredited pharmacy colleges in the state of Arkansas for students looking to become pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. These two colleges offer specialized course in pharmacy in the Arkansas state and thus are the very much popular and aspired by a lot of pharmacy students. These two universities are Harding University and The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Both of these schools boast of a commendable reputation in the medical world.

Harding University particularly has a very affluent and varied history and has produced a number of medical professionals. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences too has done a very good job when it comes to education and importing the much essential and required medical knowledge to its students. Most people take up pharmacy as a career option either because it is out of their own personal interest or because of the money involved in this particular field of science. Often it happens to be a mixture of these two reasons. While pharmacy is definitely a wonderful field of medical sciences, we’d also like to inform out readers that there is quite some money involved in it. An average pharmacist in Arkansas makes about 40,000 – 45,000 US Dollars per year. The salary range goes up a little for the experienced workers.

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