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What are the Best Pharmacy Schools in California?

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Here are the Best Pharmacy Schools in California

Being home to pharmacy schools that are consistently ranked top each year, then there can be no denying that California should be the first place to have in your mind if you are looking for a good pharmacy school that will help you achieve your dream of becoming a top-notch pharmacist in the USA.

In fact, California alone has a higher number of pharmacy schools than any other place in the USA. Nothing actually compares to studying in some of the best schools in California, thanks to the fact that it will not only give you exceptional skills and education that you may not get from any other college in the country, but it will most importantly place you well on the path to securing a well-paying job with some of the industry’s top employers.

Again, being here will provide the rare opportunity of interacting with some of the most exceptionally bright scholars not just in California, but also in the entire country. Here are some of the highly rated pharmacy schools in California which will be a good fit for you if you are really looking forward to pursuing a program in pharmacy and become an outstanding pharmacist.

Loma Linda University

The university’s School of Pharmacy was founded in 1905, and it is fully dedicated to educating and training pharmacists of the highest professional and ethical standards to deliver compassionate and competent pharmaceutical care. The school’s dynamic and diverse educational environment produces learners who are outstanding health professionals, practitioners as well as providers of humanitarian service to both local and global community. The school also offers various programs including degree programs in pharmacy and pharmaceutical studies and Doctor of Pharmacy. Entry into this pharmacy institution is highly competitive than it is in other pharmacy institutions in California.

University of California –San Francisco

There is not list of pharmacy schools in California ,and the entire nation at large, that is considered complete without the University of California-San Francisco- featuring in that list. The University’s School is one of its kind. Founded in 1872, the school became the first pharmacy institution to be established in the West , besides being the 10th oldest pharmacy institution in the country. The school also offers numerous programs unlike any other pharmacy institution in the country. Some of the programs offered here include among others Pharm.D , Doctor of Pharmacy and other degree programs in pharmaceutical studies . The school is also among the pharmacy colleges in California that boasts of having state-of-the-art facilities . Once you graduate from the institution, your chances of securing a job with some of the best paying healthcare providers in the state are remarkably high.

University of the Pacific

The university’s School of Pharmacy was established in 1851 and it is the first chartered pharmacy institution in California. From the time the school was established, it has earned widespread popularity due to its student-centered approach to learning. In 2013, AACP (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) ranked the school among the top 20 best and most innovative pharmacy schools in the country. More than 50,000 students have studied in this institution and most of them are among the leading healthcare professionals in California and the entire country by extension. Expanded use of modern technology and active learning are part and parcel of the school’s teaching methodology. The School’s curriculum is designed to equip learners with patient-oriented skills. Some of the programs offered by the pharmacy school include Doctor of Pharmacy, pharmacy degree programs and Pharm. D. /Ph.D. among other programs.

University of Southern California

The university’s School of Pharmacy was founded in 1905 and it is the first pharmacy institution in Southern California. The school has a national reputation of offering some of the most progressive and innovative pharmacy programs. As a result, the school has for years served as a role model for pharmacy institutions in Southern California and the entire nation. With a degree in pharmacy from this pharmacy institution, you are guaranteed of landing a job with the best and well paying employers, not only in the USA, but also anywhere in the world as well. Some of the programs that are offered here include Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Doctor of Pharmacy and M.S in community care and degree programs in pharmaceutical studies. Despite the school having some of the strictest admission requirements in California as well as the entire nation, it was however ranked by AACP (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) in 2013 as among the pharmacy schools in the country with the best learning facilities and a conducive environment for learning.

California Northstate College of Pharmacy

The private college of pharmacy bills itself as one of the best private colleges in California that offer comprehensive pharmacy programs. The college is dedicated to teaching, developing and training students to provide specialized patient-centered care. The college’s goal is to produce highly skilled pharmacists who have what it takes to improve the overall well-being of their patients. The college mostly offers degree programs in pharmaceutical, clinical and biomedical studies. The institution also offers Doctor of Pharmacy to students with the aim of equipping them with advanced education and skills they need in order to provide exceptionally high quality healthcare services.

Touro University

Located on the historic Mare Island, The Touro University’s College of Pharmacy has a unique learning program from other pharmacy schools nationwide. The program is tailored at providing students with a clinically-oriented learning, which is definitely crucial to preparing them into becoming full-fledged pharmacists. The fact that the college has a relatively smaller number of students than other pharmacy colleges in California, then it means that students here receive individualized attention from highly qualified lecturers. Among the courses offered by the pharmacy college include Pharm.D. , Doctor of Pharmacy and degree programs in pharmaceutical studies. The college is also among the few pharmacy colleges in California that offers a high number of scholarships particularly to foreign students. It also has state-of-the art learning facilities and exceptional amenities.

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