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Flooring Removal  

If your project requires the utmost in flooring removal we have the solution...“The Terminator”.

Our removal equipment and personnel are trained to remove the most stubborn carpet, ceramic, wood and vinyl in half the time vs.conventional methods.

Words are not enough to describe the efficiency our men and equipment can provide for the most stubborn floor removal situations.

See what our customers had to say and watch the videos for an understanding of our capabilities.

That machine goes through that wood like a hot knife through butter

Wow! I guess the turn-around time just changed!

Using Page Flooring’s team we were able to move in days before originally anticipated

That machine removed the most stubborn tile just like the video showed!

  • “The men were punctual and terrific to deal with”
  • “Page Flooring is very knowledgeable about the products and adamant about starting with a good product”
  • “Watching that machine remove the wood flooring could only be described as a hot knife going through butter”
  • “While coordinating our branches from coast to coast Mark handled the deal flawlessly”
  • “With the TERMINATOR and manpower that Page Flooring provided we met our schedule with time to spare”
  • “From the start, the Page Flooring staff lived up to the task night after night over 3 months without wavering”
  • “Jim was instrumental in assisting us with proper choices, his knowledge in the industry is impressive”
  • “Watching the machine drive through the porcelain tile was an unbelievable feat which saved days of labour”
  • “Their TERMINATOR removed the double-glue down in less than half the time of their competitors”
  • “It needed to happen overnight; Chris was able to source, deliver and live up to our demands with no time to spare”